Convince Your Boss

Do you want to attend The MarTech Summit but not sure how to bring the subject up with your boss? Don’t worry we got you covered! We’ve listed out the below points to help you with your meeting, good luck and we hope to see you soon!

- The MarTech Summit Series Team

Hot Agenda

Always keep an eye on the agenda and show it to your boss: No one knows which great speaker will be added to the line up next. You do not want to miss out on some of the most respected industry speakers’ presentations!

I will bring valuable information back

Plan your conference schedule prior to contacting your boss: Take notes on valuable Presentations, Workshops and Panel Sessions to justify your demand. Your boss wants to be sure that you will be equipped with the most advanced industry knowledge to leverage the business.

Virtual MarTech Summit Highlights

So far our 2 virtual summits have been a huge success! With over 1500 registrants across 30+ countries! We have generated and delivered 1400 minutes of content (all available on-demand). It was an absolute pleasure working with all our speakers and sponsors.

It’s Free?!

That’s right, if you’re from an industry company (and register on time), you get to attend our virtual summit for no charge with no catches! We want to deliver our fantastic content to as many people as possible, so bring your team!

Networking Opportunities

Bear in mind that networking keeps the business going as well as growing. It’s important that you are at the right place at the right time to do great networking which might translate into long-term business relationships. Your boss just wants to make sure that you want to attend the summit to benefit professionally, not to avoid work for 2 days! (and get those free networking drinks..)

Learning from Case Studies

Whatever your business has been through, there is always another company that went through the exact same challenges. Listening to the case studies on how to tackle these hurdles from someone who have dealt with it in real life will definitely save you TIME and MONEY.

Last Resort (!) 

Your boss is a tough cookie? Try putting him/her in a microwave* for 1 minute and chill before serving. Alternatively, try putting your request into a formal email stating the value you’ll bring to the company after attending the summit. Trust me, you won’t be the same BTMS and ATMS (Just like BC and AC).

*Note please don’t actually microwave your boss, we accept no liability if you actually do…

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