Shaping digital experiences in Asia


Digital experience is the new brand. Now more than ever, a meaningful customer experience is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage and building an emotional bond – a human connection between consumers and brands.


Sitecore DX Asia offers marketing, digital and technology leaders the opportunity to gain new insights into shifting digital trends and how brands win a larger share of mind and wallet by creating meaningful customer experiences.

Opening Keynote: Prioritising Digital Experiences

Tim Sheedy, Principal Advisor, Ecosystm

The recent pandemic is drastically changing customer behaviour and brands are having to provide engaging and empathetic omnichannel customer experiences to drive brand affinity, increase sales, and build loyalty. The digital experience is fast becoming the new brand. Sitecore and Ecosystm surveyed over 500 digital decision-makers across the Asia Pacific region to discover how organisations are evolving to meet the demands of the connected customer.


In his presentation, Ecosystm Principal Advisor, Tim Sheedy, will discuss the results of the study and help you understand:

  • What are the factors that will drive a great digital experience?

  • What is the maturity of businesses in ASEAN regarding the digital experience they offer customers and employees?

  • What steps should you take to improve the digital experience your own organisation offers?


Join this session for fact-based insights into the digital mindset of business leaders across the region.

Panel Discussion: Prioritising Digital Experiences

Tim Sheedy, Principal Advisor, Ecosystm

Eric Orton, Executive Technology Director, AKQA

Alison Sainsbury, Director for Value Engineering and Business Optimisation, Asia Pacific, Sitecore

Upali Dasgupta, Marketing Director, Asia, Sitecore

Digital Consumers of Tomorrow, Here Today

Wu Mengyi, Senior Manager, Bain & Company

The move from an offline to an online economy in Southeast Asia has taken off much faster than anyone expected. Change that was supposed to take place over a few years happened in one. Consumers in Asia are embracing the new digital reality. What are the digital consumer trends shaping the next normal, and what are the implications for businesses?

Innovations Shaping Digital Experiences: How is Sitecore Helping Brands Create and Deliver Meaningful Experiences?

Nikolaj Hendel, Head of Pre-Sales, APJ, Sitecore

2020 is poised to be the year of digital innovation.

Join this session to hear about how Sitecore is innovating to help organisations engage the customer with the right experiences at the right place and at the right time.

Powering Brand Experiences through Technology

Jonathan Cummings, President, Greater China, Landor & FITCH

We now live in a truly connected world, where brands and their consumers engage across a series of seamlessly interconnected touchpoints; some physical, some digital and some human. Rarely can a great, truly differentiated experience be delivered via a single channel.


In this session, Jonathan Cummings will explore how brands are designing seamless physical, human and digital experiences, enabled by technology. Jonathan will showcase ground-breaking case studies from brands such as Singtel, BMW and Kit Kat as well as retail destinations including K11 Musea.

Marketing Track

How Conversational AI Solves Customer Experience Innovation Challenges

Bora Wiemann, Regional Manager APAC, Cognigy

Join this session for a look at the capabilities of Conversational AI, the new possibilities it opens up for CX, the operational and business problems it helps solve, and some of the results companies are starting to see.

Technical Track

How Content Shapes Brand Experiences

Daniel Hochuli, Regional Content Solutions Manager, Asia Pacific & China, LinkedIn

Research shows that content directly impacts the way customers feel about a brand.

• 60% of us use the same type of emotional language for our favourite brands as we do family, friends and pets. Words like HAPPY, ADORE, LOVE...

• 44% of people would recommend a product or brand to others based on emotional criteria

• 62% of consumers feel they have a relationship with a brand


How can brands stay “human” as businesses pivot to be digital-first and what role does content play?

Marketing Track

Reimagine Customer Experience

Pratima Amonkar, Area Head, Cloud Solution Partners, APAC, Microsoft

With a renewed focus on digital transformation this year, businesses are re-evaluating how they are delivering digital customer experiences.It is clear that businesses who have built a strong digital foundation are in a better position to weather change. In 2020, we’ve seen a few years of digital investment in a few months and we continue to see the impact today. Agility built on a solid tech foundation is the name of the game. By unlocking data insights and enabling intelligent customer experiences, business across the world are dealing with complexities associated with the need for transformational change.


In this session, we will talk about how you can use Cloud and AI technology to reimagine how you know your customers, empower your employees, optimise your operations, and create a new world of innovative products and services.

Technical Track

Fireside Chat with Aditya Birla Capital

Mukesh Malik, Chief Operating Officer, Aditya Birla Capital

Nick Boyle, VP Asia, Sitecore

Join this session to hear from Mukesh Malik, COO of Aditya Birla Capital about the role of digitisation and personalisation in delivering an omnichannel experience in the insurance sector.


Session highlights:

  • How the pandemic has accelerated digital acceleration in the insurance sector

  • Changes in customer expectations and customer journey

  • The role of personalisation in delivering meaningful digital experiences

Fireside Chat with Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Aaron Pang, Former Head of Digital Transformation, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Nick Boyle, VP Asia, Sitecore

Join this session to hear from Aaron Pang, Head of Digital Transformation, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) on how they partnered with Sitecore to create unique experiences for their diverse audience – students, corporate practices, certified members and the public – that led to an increase in conversions.


Session highlights:

  • Implementing personalised user experiences and content for different users

  • Updating the brand image by delivering a better user experience

  • Consolidating multiple websites for better omnichannel communication

Fireside Chat with Far East Organization

Ng Yee Pern, Head of Business Solutions, Far East Organization

Aaron Cher, Customer Success Manager, Sitecore

Join this session to hear from Ng Yee Pern, Head of Business Solutions, Far East Organization, on how the largest private property developer in Singapore, has leveraged digital technology to stay resilient in the face of market fluctuations.


Session highlights:

  • Importance of marrying infrastructure with digital marketing

  • Using a data-centric solution like Sitecore for a complete picture of customer interactions

  • Building an efficient implementation team


Questions? Please reach out to: The Sitecore Team