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Day 1 - 18th November


08:15 - 09:00    Registration, Speed Networking & Breakfast - Exhibition Area

09:00 - 09:10    Chairperson Introduction & Overview


Julie De Moyer

Global Strategy Advisor for Consumer Goods

09:10 - 09:35     Keynote | Engaging in Trust: Investing in Customer Relationships with a Personal Touch & Embracing 1st Party Data 

  • Rethinking the approach from third to first-party data from multiple channels to get customer experiences right

  • Engaging with and influencing prospects in trust and personal

  • Shifting emphasis to a network marketing effect to create effective customer engagement

  • People and tech in balance to deliver lead generating outcomes and value for customers


Cassius Taylor-Smith

09:35 - 10:00     Keynote | Hybrid Events - Make it Count: Optimising the Attendee Journey Through Data

  • Networking vs. Learning – what matters most?

  • Merging online and onsite experiences – is that even possible?

  • How to personalise the user journey at scale


Isabella Barbato

Marketing Director, EMEA & APAC

10:00 - 10:25     Keynote | From Challenge to Opportunity: Connecting MarTech Capabilities to Deliver Investec’s Experimentation Programme

  • How has COVID impacted your digital transformation plan?

  • What’s going to make the biggest sustainable impact?


Alex Bell

Testing & Optimisation Lead

10:25 - 10:40     Lightning Talk | Using AI to Optimise the Sales Process

  • How AI tools offer incremental gains in a B2B sales proposal workflow

  • Leveraging AI to uncover insights that help tailor your sales approach

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Sophie Bowkett

Chief Marketing Officer

10:40 - 11:10

Networking Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

11:10 - 11:35     Keynote | Meet Changing Consumer Expectations & Start Building Crucial First-Party Relationships

True digital transformation is only possible if your marketing data is actionable so you can engage customers intelligently, with personalised experiences that build customer lifetime value.

  • Insights

  • Relationship Marketing - From Acquisition to Engagement to Loyalty

  • Case Studies

Cheetah Digital.jpg

Nick Watson

SVP, Global Experiences Solutions

11:35 - 11:50     Lightning Talk | Unlocking New Digital Sales Capabilities Through Digital Transformation

  • The Customer

  • Digital Transformation & power of technology as an enabler

  • Growth drivers

  • Examples / case studies

Plant Smart City.jpg

George Yaryura
Chief Marketing Officer

11:50 - 12:10     Keynote | The Human-driven Advantage

  • How to capitalise upon the transformation opportunity that emerged from the global pandemic

  • Why people's experiences of a brand - both customers and employees - are the key to unlocking growth

  • How to scale a human-first approach and create a holistic view of your consumers


Karen Boswell

Chief Transformation Officer

12:10 - 12:30     Morning Speaker Q&A

Got more questions for our morning speakers? Now it's your chance!

12:30 - 14:00

Networking Buffet Lunch - Exhibition Area

14:00 - 14:15     Audience Voice

Now it’s your turn! In this rapid-fire interactive exchange, the spotlight is on the audience to let your voice be heard. We want to hear your best tips, pain points, and reflections inspired by topics from the previous sessions.

14:15 - 14:40     Keynote | Performance Marketing Trends: The Data You Need to Build the Perfect Strategy

A deep dive into the consumer behaviours and digital data behind the last two years; comparing digital channel performance by different industry sectors​:

  • How people's behaviour changed in the UK

  • Exploring the trends and conversion rates across digital channels 

  • Robust benchmarks to allow you to compare your brand's performance versus multiple industries.


Kevin Sugrue

Global Strategy & Insight Consultant

14:40 - 15:10     Fireside Chat | Using Marketing Technology Frameworks to Unify Sophisticated Performance Marketing & Creativity - Boost Performance Outcomes Without Compromising on Brand Values

  • How can we use MarTech based frameworks to harmonise sophisticated digital performance marketing together with creative asset development.

Volvo Cars.jpg

Samuel Beckmann

Marketing Technology & Ad Technology Lead


Nicola Stockmann

Client Partner

15:10 - 15:40

Networking Coffee Break - Exhibition Area - 121 Meetings

15:40 - 16:10     Fireside Chat | How We Used Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to Engage Our Customers and Align Our Organisation

  • Using 4 pillars to grow to the next level of data-driven marketing

  • How a CDP (Single Customer View) will enable companies to increase the customer experience and customer value

  • Examples of how HEMA customers are impacted by the applications of data and the outcome of Increase in both NPS and Customer lifetime value

  • Next steps based on other Springbok best practices

Hema (2).jpg

Bas Karsemeijer
Head of Data & Analytics


Mark Ebergen
Head of Analytics

16:10 - 16:30     Lightning Talk | Reimagining Customer Journeys by Embracing Mobile-First Experiences

  • The importance of mobile friendly strategy

  • Using mobile optimisation to reach the right audience at the right time in the customer journey

Allergen Aesthetics.jpg

Francois Franca Franco Jr.

Associate Director International Marketing

16:30 - 17:15     Panel Discussion | Design Customer-Centric Experience with Innovative Platforms

  • Optimise the customer journey and build deeper customer relationships by capturing and activating zero-party and first-party data from real-time transaction processing

  • Capitalise on each consumer interaction and consolidate your DTC strategy across your Brand's channels – in-store, at home and online

  • Omni-channel customer acquisition retention and engagement with personalisation from the first touch-point to rewards outside AI / machine learning

Snipp Square.jpg

Mark Ross

VP, CPG Sales UK


Mike Borrelli

Global Head of Marketing Technology,

Adhesive Division

Malaysia Airlines.jpg

Richard De Villa

Head of Marketing, UK & Europe


Cicero Hennemann Machado

Head of Digital Hub, Western Europe

17:15 - 19:00

Networking Drinks Reception - Exhibition Area - 121 Meetings




Day 2 - 19th November

08:15 - 09:00     Registration, Speed Networking & Breakfast - Exhibition Area

09:00 - 09:10     Chairperson Introduction & Overview


Dr. Rebecca Swift

VP, Global Head of Creative Insights

09:10 - 09:35     Keynote | Captivating Storytelling Strategies to Forge Authentic Connections & Customer Engagement

  • How brands can leverage community-created content to build meaningful relationships with consumers

  • How livestreaming adds to the value proposition of customer engagement and connections


Mikael Persson

Head of Marketing, UK & Ireland

09:35 - 10:00     Keynote | Creating Delightful Hybrid Audience Engagement In The Age of Digital Fatigue

  • Identifying the post-Covid opportunity

  • What does it take to delight your audience with engaging hybrid experiences

  • How to avoid content being overshadowed by technology

  • How to drive audience engagement and revenue growth through the convergence of technology and marketing.


Lev Cribb

Managing Director for WebinarExperts & Guest Speaker on behalf of ON24

10:00 - 10:20     Lightning Talk | What Do Data & Insight, Customer Experience and Sales Enablement All Have in Common?

  • Why marketing teams should be responsible for all of the above

  • How a truly central view of the customer can benefit the bottom line

  • What part do your CRM and MarTech play in getting a 360-degree view of the customer?

  • Why making all data and insight, customer experience and sales enablement decisions about the customer is important


Toni Allen FCIM

Executive Director, International, Strategic Marketing & Engagement

10:20- 10:30     Audience Voice

Now it’s your turn! In this rapid-fire interactive exchange, the spotlight is on the audience to let your voice be heard. We want to hear your best tips, pain points, and reflections inspired by topics from the previous sessions.

10:30 - 11:00

Networking Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

11:00 - 11:25     Keynote | Interacting with Gen Z Using Technology and Removing Technology

  • How we use technology to engage this new generation of consumers and to remove administration to enable team members to connect with the customers in person

The Student Hotel Group.jpg

Mark Liversidge

Chief Digital, Technology & Experience Officer

11:25 - 11:50     Keynote | Implementing End-to-End Marketing Solutions from Data Capturing to Marketing Automation

  • The Do's and Don'ts before you start your MAS project

  • Compare and choose the best Marketing Solution for your business

  • Use an implementation partner or in-house? 

  • The importance of data and what to be aware of, and the key factors for successful Marketing Automation Implementation

Security HQ.jpg

Radmila Blazheska

Chief Marketing Officer

11:50 - 12:35     Panel Discussion | Championing a Culture of Data-Centricity and Accessibility Across All Levels of the Organisation

  • How to make strategic business decisions across all levels of your organisation based on quality data

  • How to ensure your organisation is internally aligned with understanding and perception on leverage data

  • How to avoid pitfalls when getting your customer's data into shape for large organisations

  • How to mobilise specialties and knowledge on data to get buy-in to invest in your projects


Nadine Thomson

Global Chief Technology Officer


Mike Borrelli

Global Head of Marketing Technology,

Adhesive Division


Mike Scott

Global Head of External Communications & Marketing

12:35 - 14:00 

Networking Buffet Lunch - Exhibition Area

14:00 - 14:45     Panel Discussion | Breaking Through Departmental Silos to Maximise Marketing Success & Effectiveness

  • Aligning sales and marketing departments with a single source of truth

  • Championing Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities to sharpen day-to-day operations and decision making

F-Secure Corporation.jpg

Gagandeep Singh

Head of Marketing, UK


Lynzi Ashworth

Head of Digital Marketing

BNY Mellon.jpg

Katerina Rabava

Marketing Lead, Securities Services, Corporate Trust

Bentley Systems.jpg

Anna Choi

Director, Digital Co-Ventures

14:45 - 15:30     Panel Discussion | Your 2022 MarTech Stack: Emerging Trends, Tools, and Platforms

How the right technologies can help you stay ahead of the competition and connect meaningfully with customers. In this panel we will discuss:

  • Business partners & data partnerships as a new frontier

  • In-housing of technology and its consequences

  • Best in class vs. best of breed approach

  • From Organisational design to transformation of the team

  • If everything will be digital, do we still need ‘digital’ teams?


Cicero Hennemann Machado

Head of Digital Hub, Western Europe


Amitabh Apte

Global CIO (Interim)

Tractable AI.jpg

Bhanu Chawla

Head of Marketing, EMEA


Rajiv Dingra
Founder & CEO

15:30 - 17:00

Networking Departure Coffee - Exhibition Area