• Xi Huang

Customer Experience & Retention

“The customer is always right”. The age-old saying, whether you believe this statement or not, it does hold some power over companies. In a world where a customer’s attention is furiously fought for, the customer experience stakes has never been higher.

Customer-Centricity, Holistic Approach, Omni-Channel, all these buzzwords and strategies are deployed to give one thing. The best and most memorable customer experience possible. Today’s consumer is different animal compared to one from a decade ago. As well as being more tech-savvy, they demand a lot more from brands now. Creating personal and long-lasting relationships with customers is often the ultimate goal in marketing campaigns.

Another old saying, “hitting the customer at the right place and the right time” has now evolved to hitting them with a highly personalised, targeted and relevant campaign. You can’t just put Hello anymore, at the very least consumers expect at least their first name at the minimum. With MarTech, customer experience and ultimately retention is greatly enriched as consumers receive more personalised and relevant messages. You’re now able to really streamline your processes to create a unique and memorable experience.

Using advanced and automated technology may be more effective at creating a better customer experience but the question remains, is eliminating the human factor the right move?

By: Matthew Lin

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