• Matthew Lin

Customer Relationship Management

An important part of a business is the customer relationship management (CRM), happy customers make good business. But you can’t allocate every single customer a client manager so how do we track customer bases where the numbers have plenty of zeroes?

Well luckily there are MarTech solutions to this in place in helping you with your CRM. These systems can help you improve existing relationships and acquire new customers quicker. Providing the best product and service is no longer enough (in most cases), managing your customer’s experience is now a key part in business strategies.

CRM systems used to be primarily a basic database where the sales team can fill various information out about a customer. It’s now evolving to a more social network design where the design and user experience (UX) is significantly improved. It is essential that your various MarTech tools can communicate seamlessly with your CRM system, namely your email marketing tool. If you don’t have the latest customer data updated, your beautifully designed campaign will be wasted on the wrong audience. Which is why a CRM system often has a built-in emailing system in place.

Future trends we can look out in the evolution of CRM systems can include voice technology, multichannel approaches and maybe even augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

By: Matthew Lin

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