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I know what you’re thinking, another tech?! MarTech, Ad-Tech & Fin-Tech may be some of the more common ones. With the explosion of software coinciding with the rise in technology, there’s probably a tech for most things now. There are also HR-Tech, Prop-Tech, Ops-Tech, Legal-Tech, whatever your industry/discipline, stick a tech at the end of it and it’ll probably exist.

We’ll focus on Financial Technology (Fin-Tech) here. As the name suggests, it is technology related to financial services, whether it’s improving or automating processes. The most basic Fin-Tech helps companies, CFOs, employees better manage financial operations, mostly on computers but smartphones/tablets are also getting in on the act.

Fin-Tech covers quite a lot of categories such as lending, payments, financial research, investments, banking infrastructures, remittances & a lot more. This list is expected to grow as technology advances further. The financial world is now far beyond simple money exchanges.

How will you help drive data privacy in your organisation?

By: Matthew Lin

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