• Linyan DUAN

Influencer Marketing

You’ve probably seen some form of Influencer Marketing, in recent years it has exploded, largely due to Social Media.

Influencer Marketing is a form of Social Media Marketing, where the user endorses products, often through account tagging, live demos or placements in their posts. The user has often amassed a large, dedicated following making this a powerful form of marketing in terms of reachability and potential conversion rate.

This form of marketing works well due to the psychological play going on, the follower has developed a form of trust with the influencer and they trust the product to be good. From a brand point of view, it’s a good ROI as the chosen influencer’s followers are the correct demographic - the target audience that they want to reach out to.

At the start of the last decade, Influencer Marketing was exclusive to celebrities and perhaps a few dedicated bloggers, nowadays it’s a popular career aspiration for many schoolchildren! Go visit a top Instagram account and there’s a high chance there’s several Brand Partnerships going on.

By: Matthew Lin

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