• Rahmi Atalay

Post-Summit Report | The Virtual MarTech Summit: Data-Driven Marketing 2.0

Yet another Virtual MarTech Summit has gone underway! A heartfelt thanks to all our amazing speakers, sponsors, audience members, partners, and hard-working staff.

On 22 June 2021, we focused on Data-Driven Marketing for the second time with 24 great speakers tuning in from global companies around the world! The Virtual MarTech Summit: Data-Driven Marketing 2.0 spanned 1 full day with 2 tracks taking a deeper look into B2C and B2B environments.

We’re delighted to have welcomed over 1000 attendees from 40+ countries across the globe!

We discussed almost everything about data such as:

- Data Democratisation & Data Accessibility

- Data Monetisation

- Data Privacy

- Data Insights

- First-Party Data

- Customer Data Platform (CDP)

And many more!

As courtesy of our engaging and knowledge hunger attendees, we had over 100 questions come in during the fireside chats, panel discussions, keynote presentations and lightning talks.

Let’s start with a tradition and hear the voice of our attendees starting with main track:

Despite the amount of data available to us, obviously we don’t really know how to monetise it yet!

And the grass is not greener for those who monetise it either.

We all are concerned about our customer data privacy as it should be. BTW our partners can help you with it!

Over 35% or marketers are not utilising data to power their marketing campaigns? WOW.

Getting started with digital is not easy, but, it’s easier than it’s used to be!

Here is a mixture of unique problems to bear in mind!

Thanks to COVID, we as marketers won’t be unemployed until evil robots steal our jobs!

Let’s quickly rewind the day with some notable advice from our speakers throughout the day!

Build test & learn agile environments so you can pilot small projects and spot what is working and what is not. And if you fail, you can always call it version 1.0!” - Bipasha Minocha, Group Brand & Marketing Director, EtonHouse International Education Group

To start your data monetisation journey. Find your why? Find out why you want to collect data and how to monetise it. The second determine your yardstick "for success, your KPIs. The& ROIs. Also know your consumers, their journey and use cases” - Elaine Chum, Area Head of Digital Transformation, North Asia, British American Tobacco (BAT)

A lot of companies’ problems with AB testing is testing multiple aspects at the same time, our approach is to keep it short and simple and test one thing at a time. Go in small increments and continuously adapt from what you learn” - George Ionut Danifield, Chief Marketing Officer, TRAPO Asia

It's about how you collect data. The more insightful the content you offer, the more willing your customers to give their data to you to benefit mutually. Your content should be knowledge driven as opposed to sales driven” - Andrea Dixon, Senior Marketing Director JAPAC, DocuSign

When we are gaining new customers, we try to match and segment them with our existing users depending on their behaviour. This makes easier to target them with great content since we already have rich data about our existing customers” - Irene Chen, Director, Group Marketing, Business Unit Technology, DKSH

As content marketers it's highly important to understand push marketing and pull marketing to come up with the right content as different brands should target different stages of the funnel” - Sandeep Raj, Head of BD, Partnerships & Affiliate Marketing, Southeast Asia, Lazada

Vendors will always sell their tools as the next thing after sliced bread. You need to decide whether it’s the right fit for you & your team, if you identify how much time you’re going to spend on the tool in the next few years, you can identify whether it’s a priority. It’s easy to buy a new tool, it’s hard to continue getting ROI from it” - Zhiliang Li, Head of CRM, Zalora

An enforced ‘break’ in your marketing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Take the opportunity to think much more long term both with your strategy as well as the partners you work with” - David Vu, Associate Director of Commercial Strategy, APAC & EMEA, Tripadvisor

Establish your north star early on when setting goals and expectations. It will be a constant and give the view of where we’re heading but also give the team a view to change and adapt as we learn” - Paul Wallace, Head of Digital Innovation, 7-Eleven Australia

Once again, thanks to all MarTech enthusiasts who have tuned in to the Virtual MarTech Summit: Data-Driven Marketing 2.0 and shared moments of learning and networking with us. For those who couldn’t make it to our live sessions and felt like you’ve missed out, don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to relive the summit on-demand here.

Last but not least, the registration for our upcoming Virtual MarTech Summit: Europe in July is now open. Simply register a pass for you and your team here - https://www.themartechsummit.com/virtual-europe (Send the Link to your Europe-based teams too! We love sharing the knowledge).

The MarTech Summit Team is delighted to have hosted an elite and engaging community once again. Stay tuned for more to come by following our social media accounts and joining The MarTech Community on Slack!

By: Rahmi Atalay

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