• Linyan DUAN

Voice Search

Drop back a few decades and voice search was a thing of awe, only existing in Star Trek or in a very basic form.

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular, they are now a staple in new mobile phones and more households proudly own a smart speaker. Smarter technology with faster data exchange thanks to 5G has made all this possible to enable a seamless experience.

It is now become an increasingly popular emergent technology that it’s become necessary to adopt and incorporate into digital marketing strategies. The customer is ever evolving and brands will always seek out the best methods to engage and retain. Voice search will impact SEO, customer experience and ultimately influence traffic.

As voice technology gets smarter, smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa are able to differentiate voices, leading to personalized advertising messages delivered to the correct person. Interacting via voice encourages customer loyalty and retention as the whole process is more natural. For the busier individuals, the convenience and speed make text-based interactions obsolete.

Overall voice search if done correctly can provide stellar customer experience. The world of SEO will also greatly change, companies will no longer aim to get onto the page 1 of search results, they will need to be the top result to be discovered. If a company ignores voice search strategy, they will miss out on this emerging market and be at a huge disadvantage when they finally join the party.

By: Matthew Lin

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