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Women in MarTech

We’ve got some fantastic female industry leaders appearing across our MarTech summits from a multitude of companies. Their interviews have given us very insightful and in-depth information around several MarTech topics as well as advice, such as:

“Ultimately, regardless of the marketing efforts employed, the product has to speak for itself and appeal to the target audience, in order to have a captive audience that converts into bookings and loyalty”

Mindy Teo, VP Brand & Marketing, The Ascott.

“The education industry, in my experience, has relied a lot on face-to-face experiences to drive customer engagement/retention and loyalty. I still believe there is a place for face-to-face but by simply relying on this extremely limits the longevity of the engagement.”

Rilla Roessel, Director of Marketing, APAC, Pearson.

“Most of the solutions we use are more or less established. However, we are also looking into emerging opportunities, especially on the creative front, things such as AR filter applications, chatbots which were trending over the last few years.”

Yvonne Perpetua Ng, Senior Marketing Manager, Casio.

All of the above speakers’ full interviews can be found in the interview section on our website.

Ultimately, who you are physically should not determine your position and is not a precursor for your performance, every company should embrace equaelity. As technology advances exponentially and MarTech stacks keep getting larger, MarTech skills are greatly in demand and companies will be desperate for this. This is the time to be step out and seize the opportunity.

By: Matthew Lin

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