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Taking a Single-Customer View Towards Your Data Strategy: Connecting the Online and Offline Journey 
1st July 2021, 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10)
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Taking a single-customer view towards your data strategy: connecting the online and offline journey 
Discussion question #1 
Does anyone have a specific example of an initiative that you have rolled out recently to unify customer data sources and breakdown silos that worked or didn’t work? What does success look like for you? 
Discussion question #2 
Getting technology to speak together in real-time to orchestrate and unify customer data online and offline is challenging, what is your experience in getting them to work together or finding success? 
Discussion question #3 
How are you addressing and managing risk, governance, security and compliance with a single-view of customer data? Are you confident in your data foundation to meet audit, compliance, regulatory and consent management requirements? 
Discussion question #4 
What are your future plans for your customer data with the third-party data phaseout and signal loss? How do you think it will impact how you execute your digital marketing strategies and how you capture your customer’s interaction data and touchpoints? 

The virtual roundtable has a limited 8 seats for senior level executives across B2C vertical, focuses on data-driven insights and best-in-class content, providing structured networking opportunities to develop mutual partnerships. Please apply your seats below, our team will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your place.
Chris Russel
Managing Director ANZ
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Chris has formed a career with innovative Software-as-a-Service organisations across cyber security, IT infrastructure and Digital/Marketing technology spanning over 15 years. These include Symantec, Veeam Software and a locally homegrown startup InfoTrust that focused on governance, risk and compliance with a specialisation in email fraud. 


In his role at Tealium Chris is responsible for leading the Go-To-Market and execution strategy with new and existing customers. More importantly, he views his role as central to the revenue growth, customer retention and customer experience capabilities across Tealium’s customer base. 


Chris is focused on ensuring that Tealium delivers the best customer experience possible to Tealium’s very well known Australian customer base and co-create the highest potential value for our customers by aligning to their strategic digital and data driven strategies.  Chris is a passionate and energetic leader that seeks to drive an excellent and high performing culture, while putting people at the centre of his approach. 

the Roundtable

The MarTech Roundtable is a virtual platform for executive thought leaders in marketing functions to deep dive into specific, relevant topics. The discussion themes will change each month and address pertinent trends, opportunities, pain points, and challenges facing the marketing technology sector today.

The panel of esteemed speakers are invited to share cross-industry perspectives and this interactive exchange will be presided by an experienced moderator. Audience members will help curate the discussion by submitting comments and questions to be addressed live.

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