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Executive Roundtable: Designing Customer Experiences that Flow + Convert + Build Loyalty
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Designing Customer Experiences that Flow + Convert + Build Loyalty 
This Roundtable is designed for B2C focused companies with an eCommerce presence or looking to expand into eCommerce and best suited for professionals in Marketing, Digital, E-commerce or Technology.
2020 has ignited an eCommerce revolution. The victors will be the brands who pivot on a pin head, agile enough to accelerate their digital transformation with the speed to surpass the demands of the consumer. The victors will be a joy to buy from: offering personalised experiences, fast and secure delivery, seamless communication on all touch points and VIP service to every single visitor. 
Consistent, personalised, and cross-channel customer experiences are redefining the marketing space. In addition to bridging gaps between different digital platforms, they have the potential to leverage real-time information, driving conversions  and customer lifetime value. 
Join us for this invite-only eCommerce Virtual Roundtable, where we will explore how to design eCommerce customer experiences that flow, convert and build loyalty. The Roundtable will also explore the following:
  • How does AI and data help in creating a seamless individualised customer journey? 
  • What is the value of having a seamless customer journey across channels? 
  • Barriers of implementation and watch outs 
  • Successful case studies
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Charles Tidswell has spent 25 years in Asia. From landing in Hong Kong in 1996 until today, Charles has been heavily invested in adtech and martech. Passion for the industry started with selling some of the first Internet advertising in Asia and consulting on very early brochureware websites, fast track to 2021, now living in Singapore, Charles's focus is helping brands engage with their consumers with the relevant messaging, when it matters on the channel in which the consumer engages.

Charles has been very fortunate to name brands such as Asus, Lazada, Grab, Shopee, GoJek, Shangri-La, Toyota and many more as partners.

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the Roundtable

The MarTech Roundtable is a virtual platform for executive thought leaders in marketing functions to deep dive into specific, relevant topics. The discussion themes will change each month and address pertinent trends, opportunities, pain points, and challenges facing the marketing technology sector today.

The panel of esteemed speakers are invited to share cross-industry perspectives and this interactive exchange will be presided by an experienced moderator. Audience members will help curate the discussion by submitting comments and questions to be addressed live.

Please email Rahmi at if you need any assistance.

Keerthi Kumaravelu

Head of D2C & Ecommerce – Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Electrolux

Zeeshan Khan

Head of Marketing, Legoland

Eileen Ang

Digital Customer Experience Lead, McDonald’s

Dinesh Dorai Raj

Regional Manager, Strategy & Growth, AirAsia

Suchitra Viswanathan

Regional Digital Marketing Operations lead - Greater Asia, HP

Pui Yen Lim

Regional Marketing Manager, King Living

Christine Chua Jo

Digital Marketing & Merchandising Manager, Regional, HP

C Y Koh

Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific, Clinical Effectiveness,

Wolters Kluwer Health

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King Living.jpg

Designing Customer Experiences that Flow + Convert + Build Loyalty

[Moderator] Charles Tidswell

VP of Sales SEA, Insider