Preparation Guidance

Follow this guide to be as prepared as possible for The Virtual MarTech Summit


What do I need:
An electronic device with internet connection, good Wi-Fi, quiet and comfy space, headphones.


How do I log on:

In order to view The Virtual MarTech Summit, please visit the homepage of the summit you have signed up to, you will also have received instructions via email. Click on the session you wish to join, enter the email you used to register to login, then sit back and wait for the first presentation to begin! Remember to refresh the Live Agenda frequently to keep updated!

Block Man


Check the summit agenda to see what you can expect. We aim to make this a fully collaborative event. There will be polls, surveys, chats - just as you would expect with an in-person event. 

Cube Pig


When the platform cuts out be sure to refresh the page and check your WiFi is still connected - then press play again. If this does not work, try turning your device off and back on again.


Connection Speeds: Before you access the event, you should ensure that your browser is configured to stream media. For audio events we recommend a minimum internet connection of 128 Kbps. For video events you will need a minimum internet connection of 800 Kbps for an optimal experience.

Green Block Monster


Try to dedicate proper distraction-free time to attend. It can help to turn off notifications and even dress the part. Please be advised that you should purposely get the day off, even if you are working from home. 


Make some noise online and on social media about getting away from it all at your virtual conference. Be truly present.


Try to reduce notifications, grab a notepad, and get ready to start learning!  

Block Diva

Play an active role: post questions, follow the slides, join the live chats - participate! Don’t participate passively in the virtual conference - be active.


Make sure to join the MarTech Slack Community, take advantage of the conference hashtag #virtualMarTech, Q&A opportunities. Share on social media and continue the conversation after the event! Connect with vendors and explore their rooms via Virtual Expo Exhibition Area, see what you can learn from them!

Block Angel


You will be able to gain access to the on-demand content following the event - if you would like to sign up then please get in touch with Christina at or head to registration page to get your pass.


Want more content for a longer duration? Check out BEETc On-Screen where you can watch all previous and future summit's sessions and become a master of MarTech.